Requirements Form

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Form template

  1. Project title

    Should be clear enough that it makes sense without digging into the documentation: e.g. not NTM Viz, but National Traffic Model Visualisation 2018.

  2. Project Owner/User

    A main point of contact in DfT for subject specific knowledge.

  3. High level aims

    What are the core aims of the project?

  4. Impacts

    What impacts will it have for the department? For example, does it increase capacity, efficiency, or offer value for money?

  5. Stakeholders

    Who are the main stakeholders for this project? Will it have impacts outside of central DFT. How many users are there going to be?

  6. Key dates

    Are there any key dates required for this work? If an external data source is being used, when will this be available? Publication deadlines should allow time for quality assurance.

  7. Data

    What data is available? Ideally, send example datasets to If that is not possible at this stage please attach a summary of the available datasets - including details on volume of data and granularity (i.e. is the data aggregated already).

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