Project Initiation Document

The purpose of this document is to outline the aims, impacts and agreed outcomes of projects undertaken by the Data Science team. These are to be agreed with product owners (person requesting the work outside of the team).

While the nature of the project may change along the timeline, any major changes or additional requirements that have not been agreed in this document should go through the team's prioritisation stage as an extra piece of work. This will ensure that the intended scope, plans and deliverables are on track in accordance with the agreed timescales.


Title goes here


Colleagues invested in the project include:

  • Stakeholder 1, Team, Role (i.e. Product Owner), can specify interested if useful
  • Stakeholder 2, Team, Role

High level aims/ impact:

This project will seek to ... The outcome will be ... The project will address the issue facing X, where ... The impact will be ...

Estimated Duration:

E.g. 2 months


What is required in order to begin the project? E.g. GCP access, relevant data supplied, etc

Method/ Process:

The project will be carried out in coding language and outputs will be generated in the form of ? (csv, code ...)

  1. Data munging ...
  2. Analysis
  3. Creating the product/ outcome


  1. The output will be in the form of X. E.g. 'csv, script to predict... , interactive dashboard'
  2. Code will be handed over to the stakeholder in a well documented to facilitate transfer of knowledge and allow them to run the process for themselves in future.

Project timeline:

  • Project start: 01- Aug-18
  • Project end: 06-Sep-18
Step Estimated Time Deadline
Step 1 2 days 03-Aug-18
Step 2 1 week 11-Aug-18
Step 3 2 weeks 25-Aug-18

Progress review meetings:

During this timescale, the data scientist will have regular reviews with the product owner to assess progress and determine whether outcomes are in accordance with expectations. These review points are detailed below:

Progress meeting: Discussion Point: Date:
1 Topic in step 1 01-Aug-18
2 Topic in step 2 06-Aug-18
3 Topic in step 3 20-Aug-18

Potential blockers:

Blockers are events that cause delay to a project. Please outline any foreseen issues which may have an impact.

  • Blocker 1:
    • Detail:
    • Likelihood:
    • Estimated period of delay:

Agreed by:

  • Name, Data Science Team
  • Name, Product Owner

Date agreed:

  • 01-Aug-2018

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