Peer Activities

We have a number of regular informal meetings designed to share and build knowledge within the team - a brief outline of each one follows:

Show the Thing (monthly)

  • A short session (< 1hr) that demos a piece of work you've recently completed.
  • Aims to build awareness as to what technologies are available, when to use them, and why.
  • Can focus on a particular methodology/software library or generally how you approached a given project.

Journal Club (monthly)

  • Review a paper from the data science literature as a group and discuss its implications.
  • The article selection duty rotates around the group.

Peer Learning (as required)

  • Longer sessions (>1hr) that aim to teach peers the basics of a particular library, methodology, or language.
  • These sessions take the form of a tutorial (with exercises where appropriate) and should have a companion writeup in the departmentfortransport/ds-peer-learning repository.

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